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Welcome to Lake Conroe

Welcome to the extended community of Lake Conroe, Texas, what we consider a generous helping of hospitality, recreation, and the good life. We are the “Lady of the Lake” team, lead by our captain, Katherine Maher, CLHMS (Certified Luxury Home Specialist).

We invite you to discover the benefits of the Lake Conroe area, 40 miles north of Houston, with its relaxed, casual sophistication, and the notable absence of traffic. In geographic terms, our surroundings include the cities of Conroe, which is in the center, Montgomery to the west of Conroe, and Willis, Texas to the east.

All three territories cozy up to Lake Conroe, and the Sam Houston National Forest gives us a green umbrella in the northern reaches of Montgomery County.

Real Estate in Lake Conroe

If you can dream it, we can find it in the Lake Conroe, Texas vicinity. You can live with us year-round, or part-time, we accommodate all our neighbors. Generally speaking, our home choices range from condos and townhomes, waterfront estates, planned subdivisions, to working ranches.

Lake Conroe is the centerpiece of Montgomery County, catering to the recreational pursuits of residents and guests throughout the calendar year. The lake is an oasis in the warm summer months, and you’ll spend hours splashing or cruising around, taking in the sights. You can meander on your kayak or stand up paddleboard to the numerous coves or paddle out on the open water, choose your path for maximum fun.

We have a Conroe Yacht Club as well as the Lake Conroe Sailing Association, who bring together like-minded watercraft aficionados. Even if you’re a land lover, it’s a treat to watch the watercraft float along their paths.

Anglers consistently reel in trophy-worthy catches from the deep waters of Lake Conroe. Tales of “the one that got away” are equal to photo evidence of the one that didn’t.
Competitive bass boats make Lake Conroe their temporary home throughout the year with the many fishing tournaments that take place here, including the “Bassmaster Classic.”

For potential residents with school-age children, the Lake Conroe area has exemplary schools with awards and accolades as evidence to support our biased opinion. And our collective school system is growing thanks to the increased influx of families moving here from the Houston metro area.

We also see newcomers to the county from beyond the Texas borders, as Lake Conroe is quickly becoming an alternative landing zone to Houston proper or The Woodlands.

Getting Started

If you’re just beginning your search for property around Lake Conroe, we are here to help you determine the best location to meet your needs.

Our comprehensive website gives you the option of searching for real estate in Lake Conroe by amenities, type of home, i.e., condo or single-family, by the city, or neighborhood.

Our specialties lie in our knowledge of Montgomery County, and the provenance of the properties available for sale. Tap into our knowledge base today; we welcome the chance to talk with you about Lake Conroe.