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Gardening 101: Plants that Thrive Well in Montgomery County, TX

Plants that Thrive Well

If you’re thinking about starting a garden in Montgomery County, you’ve come to the right place. Just like the entire Texas state, Montgomery County has its fair share of cold winters and hot, summer days. In spite of the changing seasons, there are many kinds of plants that can thrive in this exact environment.

Here’s a list of flowers, trees, and shrubs you can grow in your Montgomery County home:

  • Texas Star Hibiscus

    The Texas Star Hibiscus is a naturalized perennial from Florida and Mississippi. Also known as the “scarlet rose mallow” because it’s a deep, vivid red, this elegant plant can grow up to six feet tall and four feet wide. The Texas star hibiscus can tolerate Montgomery County’s chilly temperatures of 41° in January, as well as the high heat of summer, or 93° in July. The hibiscus plant starts to bloom during the spring.

  • Sweet Almond Verbena

    Just like the Texas Star Hibiscus, the Sweet Almond Verbena is another plant that thrives in Montgomery County. This fragrant shrub has pointed and coarse leaves beneath tiny white flowers. Plant Sweet Almond Verbena in a sunny spot and give it plenty of space to thrive.

  • Texas Lilac Vitex

    Commonly referred to as “Vitex” or “Texas Lilac,” this stunning plant can grow up to 15 feet tall and is easy to maintain. The Texas Lilac Vitex can live through droughts and adjust to Montgomery County’s hot temperatures. This deciduous shrub sheds its leaves during the winter time and shows off its lavender flowers during the summertime.

  • Bromeliads

    Bromeliads are easy to take care of. They can handle the summer sun in Montgomery County as long as they get acclimated to it first. This tropical species can also be kept outdoors during cold wintry nights as long as you provide it with another source of warmth and light. Bromeliads take a while to bloom, but once they do, their bright overlapping leaves will add a unique touch to your garden.

  • Bear’s Breeches

    Bear’s Breeches is an outdoor plant that can survive Montgomery County winters. This herbaceous perennial requires a lot of shade and well-drained soil. In order to bloom, the plant needs a full dose of sunlight in the morning, and be relocated to a completely shaded area in the afternoon. The plant’s glossy leaves, deep green color, and elegant flower spikes are guaranteed to give your garden a striking look.

  • Pineapple Guava

    The Pineapple Guava is a subtropical plant that has easily adapted to the climate of Montgomery County. Pineapple Guavas need to be watered often during summer and other hot days. This evergreen shrub can grow to a height of about 15 to 20 feet. It has red stamens, white petals, and thick green leaves. The Pineapple Guava also bears a sweet, pear-shaped fruit.

  • Copper Canyon Daisy

    The bright Copper Canyon Daisy blooms during the spring. This perennial shrub is drought-tolerant and doesn’t take to soil that is too wet. The Copper Canyon Daisy also repels deer with its distinctive pungent smell.

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