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Fishing in Lake Conroe


Located in Montgomery County, Lake Conroe is a 21,000-acre man-made reservoir that’s known as one of the best largemouth bass fishing destinations in the country. The lake is found in the San Jacinto River’s West Fork, and is also a popular destination for other activities such as jet-skiing and boating.

While the lake is known mostly for its bass, anglers will be able to catch other types of fish such as bluegill, crappie, and catfish. There are hundreds of fantastic fishing spots all throughout the lake, offering visitors an unforgettable fishing trip no matter where they cast a line.

The best bass spots

Lake Conroe does not have too much aquatic vegetation, but you’ll be able to find some weed beds in some areas, mostly in near-shore spots around the northern half of the reservoir. These are excellent spots if you want to catch bass.

Along the lake’s southern shoreline, you’ll be able to find docks and other man-made structures, where big bass can often be found swimming nearby. During the spring, the best equipment to have are jigs, topwaters, and soft plastic lures for catching bass in shallow areas. During warmer temperatures however, bass tend to move towards deeper waters, so it’s best to try catching them with shad-imitating lures near the rocky drop-offs.

Where to catch catfish

Channel catfish are the most common types of fish inhabiting the waters of Lake Conroe – you’ll be able to catch them in different parts of the lake. Summer is typically the best time for catching catfish, but spring and fall are great seasons as well.

Most local anglers make use of natural baits such as chicken livers, cut shad, and prepared dough for catfish. In the daytime, catfish usually inhabit the lake’s deep waters, heading for the coves and shallow flats to hunt as nighttime approaches.

The best spots for luring catfish are parks that offer shore access, such as the Cagle Recreation Area. Large catfish can also be caught by boaters in deepwater areas near the dam, as well as the drop-offs located along the main river channel.

Prime spots for panfish

The two main panfish species in Lake Conroe are bluegill and crappie. Anglers will discover that bluegill isn’t that difficult to find – you’ll be able to catch them around man-made structures and shallow weed beds using baits such as red worms and night crawlers. If you’re looking to catch large bluegill, head for areas with slightly deeper water located close to shallow cover.

Crappie typically inhabit shallow brush piles around the lake, especially once the spring spawning season hits. Anglers will be able to spot fish-attracting brush piles in the southern portion of the lake, which are great spots for catching crappie. The best lures to use for catching crappie are live minnows or small minnow-imitating jigs.

If you want more information on fishing regulations, angling opportunities, and more tips and strategies for catching fish in Lake Conroe, visit the Texas Parks & Wildlife website here.