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Easy Ways to Increase Your Waterfront Home’s Value

Waterfront home

You have a waterfront home that you think is beautiful enough on its own but you wonder how you can make it more valuable if you ever want to sell it in the near or distant future.

Before you even think about doing drastic bedroom, bathroom, or kitchen remodels that will no doubt take a lot of time and a lot of cash, here are some easy solutions to increase your waterfront home’s value without breaking the bank (or your back):

Make the water more visible

oceanfront view

What’s the use of having a waterfront property if you can’t see the water? It’s important to make the water clearly visible on your waterfront property. Make sure the trees, shrubs, bushes, and other greenery obscuring the view are properly trimmed or cleared away. Also, don’t forget to clean the inside and outside of the windows. The view of the water should be crystal clear because it is one of, if not the central highlight of the home.

Make the dock more accessible

shoreline property

The dock should also be easily accessible and stable. Making the dock accessible and more stable doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll need to renovate it entirely. This just means making it easier to get to by clearing away clutter or unwanted growth, patching up gaps, and making sure it is safe to use. You could also spruce it up a little with a fresh coat of paint, making it look brand new even if it isn’t.

Keep the shoreline clean

dock in front of a home

The shoreline should look pristine. Keeping the shoreline in spotless condition is as simple as clearing out the weeds that could be manifesting in the lake or pond, and putting in some product to protect it from sludge, muck, and silt.

Sometimes, there will be trash that end up in your shoreline so make a habit of picking them up. If you don’t, they’ll just pile up making your shoreline less appealing and lowering the value of your property. In Lake Conroe the water quality is good on its own because it is a reservoir, but it still helps to lookout for trash and clean it at regular intervals to make it easier to manage.

Improve Curb/Water Appeal

waterfront property

An important thing to consider about waterfront properties is its curb appeal or in this case it’s water appeal. Waterfront properties are unique in a way that it is also viewed on how they look like on the water. If the side of the house facing the water is a mess then it will inevitably lower the value of your property.

A lot of people will probably get to see your property since Lake Conroe is a popular recreation destination. Making your waterfront property more appealing can easily be done by clearing up clutter visible from the water or even as simple as mowing your yard or livening it up with some plants.

These tips may be simple but they can go a long way in terms of making your waterfront property’s value soar. It’s usually the little things that can make a big difference in the long run.

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