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Considerations when buying a lakefront home


For many people, owning a lakefront home and waking up to picture-perfect views every morning is a lifelong dream.

Before you get there however, you’ll have to go through the home buying process – which can become more complex if you’re targeting a waterfront property. The good news is, you’ll be able to find expert Realtors such as Katherine Maher and the Lady of the Lake Team who are all experienced when it comes to helping clients purchase a waterfront property.

In this article, we give you several essential tips that can help pave the path towards the waterfront home of your dreams:

Look beyond the structure

The home itself may be an architectural masterpiece, but what if you find the water murky, the views subpar, or the area lacking privacy? Keep in mind that you can improve the house itself, but changing its location is next to impossible. Search for a waterfront home in a location that you also find desirable.

Find a property that suits your lifestyle

The best waterfront property is one that caters to your lifestyle and provides easy access to the things you love doing. For example, if deep-sea fishing is one of your favorite pastimes, choose a home located close to a marina, so you’ll be able to go fishing whenever you please. It might seem simple, but keep in mind that even a half hour drive to get to places you’ll want to go to often can be a huge difference.

Your home should be weatherproof

Homes located waterfront are subject to more damage from the elements, compared to typical homes. Be sure the home you’re about to buy can withstand strong winds and thunderstorms, and are equipped with features such as storm shutters, shatter-proof windows, and stainless steel locks and doorknobs which do not corrode as easily.

Start early if you’re adding new features

If you’re thinking about adding new features such as docks or a seawall to your waterfront property, it helps if you start the process early so you can find out whether what you’re planning is feasible or not. Government agencies usually impose strict policies, so there’s a chance some of your original plans for the property may get derailed. If you’re into water activities, also find out beforehand if the area has any restrictions on speedboats, jet skis, and other watercraft vehicles.

Talk to your potential neighbors

One way to get the best insider information is to talk to those already living in the community. Find out if they enjoy the lifestyle, ask if there are any things you should look out for with the property, and if they’ve encountered any waterfront-related problems with their own home.

Know your responsibilities as a waterfront homeowner

If you’re about to become part of your neighborhood’s homeowners association, find out important details such as what type of upkeep and maintenance is required for your property. You can do this by talking to the HOA’s management company and asking about restrictions, covenants, and conditions in the neighborhood.

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