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6 Helpful Tips to Sell Your Home Fast

6 helpful tips to sell your home fast

When you decide to put your home on the market, the first few weeks are critical. Buyers are most interested in a home during its initial weeks on the market, so you need to act quickly and come up with a solid strategy if you don’t want your listing to grow stale.

In order for you to sell a home quickly, it needs to be attractive, well-marketed and priced correctly. In this article, we give you a few tips which can help you land offers that are close to (or maybe even higher than) your asking price.

Look Into Getting a Storage Unit

Many sellers make the mistake of decluttering their home and trying to make everything fit in their closets or other storage areas. This is not a very good idea, as potential buyers who tour your home will want to look at its storage potential.

That said, looking for a storage unit to store for some of your unneeded items, like holiday décor, seasonal apparel, unused appliances, etc. while you sell your home is a great move.

Work with an Experienced Real Estate Agent

A good real estate agent with a proven track record will know how to sell your home in the shortest time possible. They should be able to know the advantages and disadvantages of a certain neighborhood, as well as which features to highlight in your home. A good agent will increase demand for a home before it goes on the market, so check his or her website or social media account to see how they promote properties online.

Depersonalize your Home

Potential buyers want to imagine themselves living in a home, so it doesn’t help if some of your walls are covered with photos of your family. You may think photos from your wedding or your latest vacation trip adds a personal touch, but it can also distract buyers from the home itself, making it more difficult for them to focus on its other great features.

Let the Light In

A poorly lit home looks and feels drab and depressing, lowering your chances of landing a good offer. Brighten things up by allowing more natural light in, or enhance existing artificial lights by replacing light bulbs with higher wattage bulbs. You can also opt to repaint some of your walls with lighter shades that will make rooms look brighter and larger.

Go for Small, Simple Upgrades

No need to go for major renovations – go for smaller, strategic upgrades which could offer a higher return on investment. Instead of spending thousands of dollars on full kitchen or bathroom upgrades, it’s better to spend on more inexpensive items such as shower curtains, some indoor plants, a new sink, new kitchen cabinets, or even hand towels – anything that will create an immediate impact on your living spaces.

Spruce Up Your Curb Appeal

The appearance of your home’s exterior plays a huge role – it’s usually the first thing buyers see, whether on listing sites or in person. You need to make sure it looks attractive, so clean your yard, edge your lawn, and trim and shape your hedges. You may even want to consider replacing your old mailbox, buying shiny new house numbers, or adding a new coat of paint.