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5 Transformative Home Remodeling Ideas

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If you love your house but not the decor, consider remodeling your home this spring. Fortunately, remodeling your home does not have to be expensive or time-consuming. These transformative ideas will give your current place a new lease on life.

  1. Replace your kitchen island
  2. If you only use your kitchen island as a place to drop the mail and other items, you might want to consider replacing it. Instead, install a breakfast bar with seating for the family. Most families will tell you that the kitchen is the heart of the home and serves as a gathering place before meals and during parties. Encourage this sense of togetherness by installing a breakfast bar with seating in your kitchen.

  3. Surround your refrigerator with cabinets
  4. Many older homes do not have a recessed refrigerator, making the space above and around your refrigerator functionally useless. Add cabinets above and beside your refrigerator to maximize your storage space. This will also draw attention away from the refrigerator, which is great because your refrigerator is probably not your most attractive appliance.

  5. Install recessed lights
  6. Many older homes have hanging light fixtures that can become an eyesore. Consider replacing these dated, hanging light fixtures with recessed lighting. Recessed lighting can make spaces feel bigger and the ceiling seem higher. A brightly lit room is more inviting, so revamp your home’s lighting this spring.

  7. Switch out your thermostat
  8. Saving on energy bills is never a bad thing and a new, smart thermostat can help you do that. Older, manual thermostats have been found to waste a lot of energy. If you do not have a programmable thermostat, consider installing one this winter. It will take less than an hour.

    You can set the temperature to be higher when you are out during the day and lower when you are home to enjoy the cool air. When you will be gone for long periods of time, you can set it to “holiday mode,” minimizing the amount of energy used during your absence. Cutting down on your energy costs is great for the environment and for your wallet.

  9. Revamp your accent wall
  10. While accent walls are still popular, gone are the days of one bright pop of color. If your bright accent wall is becoming an eyesore, consider making this your next home renovation project. We recommend painting the wall to match the others. Then, cover it in photographs or artwork. A grid of black and white photographs can work well for this, but anything goes as long as it matches the rest of the room’s aesthetic.

To learn more ways to keep your home looking its best, check out the other ideas on our blog. If you are remodeling your home because you hope to sell it soon, contact me, Katherine Maher, to find out how I can help you get your home on the market.